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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can't I just store my white wines in the fridge?

    Traditional fridges are unsuited to long-term wine storage as they are unable to maintain a constant temperature that best allows the liquids to mature properly. Odours from the fridge can also taint the wine and spoil the drinking. Whites could be cooled in the fridge prior to serving but it is hard to ensure the bottle will reach the perfect temperature.

  • 2. What's wrong with storing my wine in the garage, or in the pantry?

    Storing wines in rooms that are not specially designed for the process is risky. It is impossible to ensure the temperature within the room does not fluctuate and damage the wine. It is also hard to maintain humidity and eliminate odours in rooms that are used for other purposes. Unless a cellar has been specially designed to house your wine, a wine storage unit is a far more sensible choice then making do with a corner in the garage.

  • 3. I want a unit that I can use to store wine long-term and have some bottles that are at the perfect temperature to drink now. Are there models that do both?

    Yes, some models from EuroCave, Miele, Liebherr and Amana feature independent zones that can be set to different temperatures. The large middle section is typically given over to long-term storage while smaller sections at the top and bottom chill whites and bring reds up to room temperature for ideal serving.

  • 4. Can I integrate a wine cabinet into my kitchen?

    Yes, many models sold at can be built in to kitchens. For example, Caple makes a range of slot-in cabinets that can be easily installed in modern kitchens. Other manufacturers offer special kits and cladding options to make it easy to integrate wine storage units. EuroCave even makes a range of hand-crafted furniture that includes integrated wine cabinets.

  • 5. Are wine cabinets more practical than a traditional cellar?

    They can be. Underground cellars are often tricky to get into. In contrast, wine cabinets can be installed anywhere and are very easy to access. They mean that you can proudly display the wines you are storing and then access them immediately when you wish to drink them.

  • 6. I live in a flat. Will there be room for a wine cabinet?

    Wine cabinets are perfect for people living in flats and apartments who want to store wine long-term. Modern apartments rarely feature a space that is suitable for a cellar and vibrations from lifts can damage wines. Wine cabinets are available in a range of sizes so it is easy to find one that will fit in any space, however small.

  • 7. I've got a wide range of wines in different sized bottles. Are there wine cabinets that can accommodate them all?

    Of course there are! Most manufacturers offer shelving solutions that can accommodate different sized bottles, from the traditional Bordeaux right through to Champagne and Magnums. Different shelves can be chosen so that one wine storage unit can be used to house a whole host of differently sized bottles.

  • 8. I've still got some questions. Is there anyone I can talk to about wine storage solutions?

    Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer any questions you might have about wine storage. Feel free to give us a ring on or pop into our showroom. Alternative, you can request brochures from the manufacturers we stock.

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