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Find the perfect cabinet for your needs by answering the following questions.

How Many Bottles?

Small Models - up to 92 bottles

These units can store up to 92 bottles of wine and are usually small enough to fit under counters in a modern kitchen. Their small size makes them perfect for people with a modest collection of wine or for situations where space is limited.

Medium Models - up to 180 bottles

These units occupy the middle ground between, making them perfect of the normal wine lover. With enough capacity to accommodate a healthy collection of bottles, they are also still small enough to comfortably fit in most homes. Some of these units also boast more than one temperature zone, making them perfect for people who wish to store wine both for maturing and for serving.

Large Models - up to 240 bottles

Some manufacturers produce large wine storage units that are perfect for the serious collector and also for professional situations. With enough room to store all but the largest collections these units can boast features such as multiple-temperature zones, and display shelves. Unsurprisingly, these models tend to be large in size, making them suitable only in cases where space is not a consideration.

Do You Want to Mature Bottles of Wine Or Have Them At The Perfect Serving Temperature?

Cabinets for Maturing Wine

These units are designed for the long-term maturing of wines. They guarantee the wine inside is stored at a constant temperature, regardless of external temperature fluctuations. Alternatively, the temperature can be set either higher or lower to make the unit function as a service cabinet.

Single-Temperature Cabinets

These units keep the wine at consistent temperature making them perfect for both long-term maturing and serving.

Two-Temperature Cabinets

Some units combine a maturing area (where the temperature is maintained at a constant level to best allow wines to develop) and a chilling compartment - usually located at the bottom of the cabinet - that can be used to cool whites and Champagnes for serving.

Three-Temperature Cabinets

The most advanced wine storage units boast three distinct temperature zones, making them perfect for both long-term maturing and serving. As well as a central section with a constant temperature for maturing, these appliances feature a cooling section to prepare whites and Champagnes for service and an area which is used to bring reds up to room temperature.

Multi-Temperature Cabinets

These appliances are perfect for individuals and professionals that want to store a wide range of wines at the perfect temperatures for serving. They boast as many as ten temperature zones within one cabinet, allowing you to store wine from 7ºC to 21ºC. This means that whites and Champagnes can be cooled in the same unit that reds are brought up to temperature for serving.

Where Do You Want To Put The Wine Cabinet?

Depending on where you are going to locate your new wine cabinet, we offer several units with various customising options. Some can be integrated into built-in kitchens and others boast sleek cladding options.

Free Standing

These units can be slotted into existing spaces within a kitchen. Alternatively, they can be placed anywhere else in the home. Free-standing units are available in a range of sizes and some manufacturers offer a selection of finishes - everything from stainless steel to hand-crafted leather - to ensure the unit matches its surroundings.


Some wine storage units are designed to be seamlessly integrated into a kitchen. These are sized to fit inside standard kitchen dimensions and can boast specially-designed doors and fittings that mean they can be concealed within the space. Some make use of special ventilation systems that are located at the base of the unit. This removes the need to provide a ventilation space or to have to cut out ventilation holes in work surfaces.

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